Kurt Peterson

Legal Advisor


As a partner at Cascadia Law Group, Kurt focuses his environmental law practice on hazardous waste cleanup, cost recovery, and allocation of environmental liabilities under federal and state Superfund laws with a particular emphasis on sediment cleanup and landfill sites. He has helped many clients navigate through the environmental cleanup and brownfields redevelopment process in order to efficiently resolve liabilities at federal and state hazardous waste cleanup sites. Kurt represents a wide range of clients in environmental law matters, including Fortune 500 companies, big cities and counties, local and regional businesses, ports, small municipalities, environmental trusts, and public agencies.

Kurt has recovered significant cleanup costs from other responsible parties in contribution litigation and from claims under historic insurance policies. In addition to litigation successes, he also has helped clients reach favorable results through allocation arbitrations and mediations. Kurt has expertise in locating valuable insurance assets to cover environmental cleanup costs. His clients have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in previously unidentified insurance resources. He is licensed in both Washington and Oregon.