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The Importance of Finding Your Perfect Mother Plants

              The first time I sprouted a seed I was hooked. The feeling of creating something that was yet to be known. Not knowing what the end result would be. There were just a few obstacles to consider like where to grow it and how to see it through to the end. After several tries I had finally done it! I had my own product I could enjoy and I couldn’t wait to have more! But how? I had no idea where to get another seed. I was stopped in my tracks. I thought what do I do even if I get my hands on more seeds? It took so long just to get this one plant. There must be a better way. I wasn’t interested in a one-time harvest I wanted to grow consistently and change up my techniques and eventually transform my hobby into a skill set.

                I ventured out in search of clones and found a grower willing to help me start out. I figured, “hey why grow from seed when I can cut my grow time in half with established mature plants?”  Little did I know that getting plants from some outside sources would cost me in the end. Bugs, mold and plants being hermaphrodites (a hermaphrodite is a plant that has both sexes and is able to self-pollinate and produce seeds). I had put so much time and effort into my garden and it all came crashing down. I had hit one mother of a road block. I realized I had to start from seed as that would be the only way I could be 100% sure to avoid other gardens’ problems becoming mine.

                Once again I was asking myself, “where to grow!?”  I needed mother plants and more space. It was time to move and find a home that was going to let me seek out and achieve my goals. I needed an endless supply of plants and a nice variety of strains. All of this was possible with just a few mother plants. If I could manage to create a garden, expand it, and never have it come to a halt then it was possible to achieve what so many before could not. This was the best decision I have ever made! I honed my skills and learned more about marijuana than ever before. I was able to teach my knowledge to others and in the end was working hands on with other growers in the field turning it into a living and a way of life.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons but in the end if you want to succeed in the horticulture of this beautiful plant you need to be your own supplier.