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Have you seen the Leef with the Boveda pack?

When we sat down and talked about our vision for Leef, we agreed that we would only sell premium cannabis and concentrate. We quickly learned that everyone has different preferences but that most people have certain standards. One thing that separates good weed from great cannabis is the drying and curing process. This blog is an opportunity to announce our recent co-branding with Boveda and to share our method for processing flower.

One thing that shocked me about moving to Washington is how wet people like their bud here! My friends that live in less-progressive locales always complain to me about their weed being dry and burning too quickly. When they come to visit the Pacific Northwest, they get the opportunity to truly experience fresh weed that smells as it should. Some people may make the argument that they don’t like being charged for moisture, but true connoisseurs know that it’s nicer to roll joints with sticky marijuana.  

When we harvest a plant here at Leef, we dry it cold and slow to give time for flavors to develop. Some companies prefer to dry it quickly and warmly, then package it with nitrogen so it’s as dry as possible by the time it gets to the consumer. At Leef, we’re not in a rush, so we won’t let you smoke it until it’s ready. Drying time varies depending on bud density so we use a digital moisture meter to determine when our product is ready to go into curing jars. We spent a long time trying to determine what actually happens to cannabis as it cures. We tried to assess quantitatively when the chemical composition of our bud meant that it was “cured” and ready to sell and we had many lively debates about chlorophyll breakdown and terpene loss. After we’d exhaustively researched the topic, we eventually decided we can’t put a number on it but we certainly can qualify: weed that has been cured longer is better.

Enter Boveda. One of our employees, Vincent Scillitani, told us that he would often use sachets to preserve the humidity at the right level while he cured his medical cannabis. We began implementing Boveda packs in our large cure jars and noticed the improvement right away. Then, I met a Boveda representative at the Imperious Expo (where I got to enjoy a smoky session with Ed Rosenthal!). We got along great after I told him that we used his product to cure cannabis and he suggested we start including it in our packaging. It seemed like an obvious choice to co-brand. Now we are proud to present Leef, packaged with Boveda. The inclusion of a Boveda sachet in our quarters, halves and ounce jars will ensure our cannabis is the highest quality possible. Though our packages don’t spend much time on the shelf, you can be confident that it is being stored at the perfect humidity to maximize its potential. The great thing aboutBoveda is that it’s a 2-way humidity control, it will dry out product if it’s too wet, and add moisture if it’s too dry. This will extend the shelf-life of our cannabis almost indefinitely. So the next time you buy a nice ounce of our Black Cherry Soda, look for the Boveda pack!

-Gregory Mathews