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Continuous Harvest

    Many growers that have toured our facility have trouble grasping the idea that we are a truly perpetual harvest. When we have mentioned in the past that we are a perpetual harvest, their eyes light up and they are quick to chime in, “Hey, me too bro, we crop out every so-and-so weeks and immediately restart the cycle!” At Leef, we harvest plants every single day. Out of 365 days of the year, on 365 of them we harvest plants, flip plants to flower etc. Everything is done everyday. This method of production maximizes our yield in the space that we have.
    How can we crop out so steadily? The trick lies in the design of the building. To explain it simply, our plants move like a conveyor belt, in one end and out the other. Instead of filling up an entire room at once, it fills at the same rate that it empties so we always have plants at every stage of development. It should also be mentioned that we grow in HD growboxes, a local company ( The fact that the growboxes are on wheels makes moving them a breeze.  
    The advantages to a continuous harvest like this are many but let me enumerate a few. For one thing, it greatly helps to reduce labor spikes. That is one of the many ways, along with automation, that we have been able to keep employee cost and number down. Other companies have 60+ employees, with half of them being full-time and the other half hired as temporary workers when it’s time to crop out and they need to trim a lot of bud fast.
    Another reason having a continual harvest is an advantage is the incredible opportunity we have for teaching. If someone is trying to learn to grow marijuana for the first time, it will take them around 3 months to see the entire lifecycle of the plant. We have an incredible opportunity to teach at our facility because we always have plants at every stage of their life cycle.
    Finally, the main reason to have a continual harvest like this is simply because of the yield. If we filled up the room with plants that are all at the same age and flipped them, we would only crop out a few hundred pounds every year. Our perpetual harvest will result in THOUSANDS of pounds a year!